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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Beiryl Window Manager for Fedora Core 6

Fedora core 6,why i choose fecore 6 as my distro ( i always call Fedora Core 6 as fecore, but i don't know why..=p) ? It's all because that distro that i have this time..hehehehe...
actually i want to tryed slackware, but i don't have one.
On default, fecore 6 has an 3D effect but it's not "eye candy" for me, so i try to upgrade it to beiryl.

Beiryl was a 3D window manager that used by Mandriva 2007. When i browse and search in

uncle google i founded that it's very easy to install the beiryl window manager, to install it we can use "yum" utility from fecore 6. Yum utility are utility for install a new software or a packet via repository. In other word we can installed some new software via internet. We musn't download the packet first, the packet will installed directly to our computer. Very fun right?
You can just type
# yum install beiryl-gnome
wait for a minute and then your beiryl will be already installed. I you want an XGL, i got a script for it,maybe i will be posting it in the next post.=)
If you want to try installed XGL via repository, i mean use the yum utility send me the result because i never try it.=P

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