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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Use IPWRAW as Driver Module For Wi-Fi Card Intel 3945

Wireless Card produced by Intel that i have on my laptop is intel Pro Wireless 3945. Nowadays Intel driver developer release a general driver called iwl3945 that replace the old driver ipw3945. How ever, that driver can't be used to doing some Packet Injection, so some people develop a new driver module that called ipwraw. We can use this module to doing packet injection. That's very nice, but when i use this module i can't browse with my firefox anymore. >.<
I'm sorry if i didn't know the way to do it, but until now, i still can't use ipwraw module to browse. So i make a conclusion that this module is used for injection purpose n monitor mode only. If somebody know the way to do it, please tell me about it..=)
To use ipwraw module, first you must download the driver module and install it on your computer( Search google for the module ) . After that, u must unload the iwl3945, ieee80211 , and mac80211 module. After Finished load the ieee80211 and mac80211 module again, you must also load the ipwraw module. Activated your wireless card on monitor mode to do a packet injection.
In the next post, may be i will post the script to switch between iwl3945 module and ipwraw module. I will also post about how to make the wireless card into monitor mode, and how to do a packet injection.
One more, I'm just a newbie, don't hope to much yach..^^

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