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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chatting with Web Interface

Everyone that like internet usually also like to chatting with other people. Well,the aplication that usually use by people are Yahoo! messenger , MSN messenger , or Multi messenger like Gaim. How if the port of that messenger was blocked by our administrator? Very bad, we can chat anymore...^^
When we got a trouble, human natural instinct will try to get the solve for our problem. The problem that port of Yahoo! messenger bloked was come to me in a 1 years ago. Me and my friends think and think how to get out from this problem.

Some day my friend got a website that very interisting. The website give as an service that make us can chat with Yahoo! messenger, MSN messenger, and 2 more messenger. The website are , meebo it self provide as an user to use all messenger without register an account on Yahoo or MSN. But i already have an Yahoo ID and MSN ID so i don't need the service.^^
Not just a messenger that have an web interface, an IRC also have an web interface. To use it, just search in uncle google and type "inurl:irc.cgi". You will get much IRC web interface. Enjoy it... and don't forget to share with your friends..

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