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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Win32.Elkern A/B/C - Download Remover

Download the following three files ( rmelkern.exe, rmvirus32.nt, rmvirus.dos) and run the rmelkern.exe file.

You can also specify the disks (or partitions) to heal as a command parameters, e.g. : "rmelkern C: D: ". If the command is used without parameters, it heals all disks (partitions) on computer.

Successful running of the removerrequires administrator rights. For proper functionality of the remover it is necessary to save the rmvirus32.nt and rmvirus.dos into the same folder as rmelkern.exe. After the healing process please run the rmelkern.exe again to make sure your computer is virus-free.

Download the following three files here:




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